Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning LogoWe refer to our adult classes as “lifelong learning” opportunities because we believe that Christian formation is an ongoing process. No one is too old or too young to be involved. Throughout the course of the year, we have a number of groups meeting for Bible study. We also have book groups and studies on relevant topics. Some are short term, others are ongoing.

Early 2017 Lifelong Learning Offerings

New Members Always Welcome!


Bible Study: Christianity and Islam @ 9:00am in the Library (begins January 8)
see class description below


Bible Study @ 6:30am in the Library (resumes January 9)
Class meets weekly


Women’s Bible Study @ 9:30am in the Parlor (resumes January 10)
Class meets weekly


Bible Study with Chapin @ 9:30am in the Parlor (resumes January 11)
Class meets weekly

Bible Study: Christianity and Islam @ 7:30pm in the Library (begins January 11)
see class description below

Christianity and Islam

With society becoming more pluralistic and religious conflict so much a part of the news, we believe there is a need for a basic understanding of Islam. The booklet we will read covers the major areas of the world’s two largest religions, comparing and contrasting them in a way that brings greater understanding of each. Written for youth and adults that have little knowledge of Islam other than what they have seen in the news, this study aims at providing a general understanding of the differences and similarities between these two great religions.

This study will cover such topics as:

  • Jesus and Muhammad
  • The Bible and the Quran
  • Pillars of each Faith
  • Primary Theological Culture and the Role of Women
  • Violence and Warfare

The study takes neither a “how-to-convert-Muslims” nor a “we’re-all-the-same” approach. It provides participants with a greater appreciation of both Jesus and Muhammad, both the New Testament and the Quran, and both Christianity and Islam. Participants who have taken this course often learn just about as much about their own faith as about Islam.

Participants will receive a copy of the booklet: Christianity and Islam: So Much in Common, So Far Apart  by Ronn Kerr.  Please contact Eric Dupee for more information.

Sunday Classes at 9:00am will run from January 8 to February 19.  Wednesday Classes at 7:30pm will run from January 11 to February 22.  The Monday and Tuesday Bible Studies will utilize the Christianity and Islam materials as well.

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