Adult Mission Trips

Work - CopyMission Trips are transformative experiences, and they’re not just for our church’s youth!  Each year since 2003, a group of adults from our congregation have embarked on mission trips to a variety of locations – Exuma, Florida, New Orleans, Belize, and Baltimore to name a few.

Fondly referred to as “OG” – a nod to our high school Youth Group “YG” – our “Old Group” is anything but!  While those on previous OG Mission Trips have reported being tired at the end of each day, the chance to reflect and pray together in the evening renews body and spirit.  The love of God and one another is apparent on each trip as our OG members’ friendships grow stronger through service to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can go on adult mission trips?

Anyone who is post-college age is welcomed and encouraged to go on an adult mission trip.

2. What kind of mission work happens on these trips?

Trips include various construction or renovation projects alongside relationship building with the local community. No special skills are needed but they are often acquired while we’re away. We generally travel with at least one professional contractor who oversees the work project.

3. What if I’ve never been on a mission trip before?

An adult mission trip is a great environment to learn new skills and meet new people! The trips tend to be a mix of new and seasoned participants.

4. How much do trips cost?

The cost depends on the location of the trip and the project. We make a commitment to keep costs reasonable, usually $1500 for domestic trips, more for international.

5. When are the mission trips?

While there is no proscribed timeframe, generally trips happen in the spring. There is typically one trip per program year.

6. How long is a mission trip?

Depending on the trip destination and project, the length is usually a week to ten days.

7. What else happens on a mission trip besides work?

We make time for cultural experiences, community building with our mission partners, worship, and nightly reflection.

8. Where do we go?

Recent trips include Biloxi (MS), Kenya, and San Antonio (TX).

9. What should I bring?

A detailed packing list will be provided a few weeks before every trip.

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