Our Missions & Outreach Ministry

…(we) are to do good, be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share, thus storing up for (ourselves)the treasure of a good foundation, so that (we) may take hold of the life that is really life. 2 Timothy 6:18-19

Missions and Outreach Ministries seek to take hold of the life that is life in any number of mission projects at the church. In working to transform God’s world to his vision, we time and again find we ourselves are transformed.

Realizing the elemental and foundational role of mission, church by-laws designate 25% of the annual budget to outreach. The Missions and Social Action Committee (MSA), elected by the congregation, discerns and allocates funds to beneficiaries.

The Director of Missions and Outreach Ministries, together with multiple ministry teams and lay individuals, partners with benevolences on a variety of both ongoing and special projects. These range from local food pantries and shelters, rehabilitation programs, building projects, and mission trips in both the US and abroad.

Our Missions and Outreach Ministry Teams include: OG (“Old Group”), Give-a-Meal-a-Month Ministry, Open Door Shelter Ministry Team, Pacific House Shelter Ministry Team, Meals on Wheels Ministry Team, Maasai Ministry Team, and MOST (Missions and Outreach Steering Team). Click here to learn more about each of these teams.

Special Projects are publicized in the church newsletter and website and the Sunday bulletin and all-church emails. They include work days with local partners, drives, church clean-ups indoor and out, mission trips and more. Please add your passion to the mix!

More Information? Contact Marianna Kilbride, Director of Missions and Outreach Ministries, (203)966-2651, x832 or marianna@godsacre.org

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