Stephen Ministry

What  is Stephen Ministry?

Stephen Ministry, founded by Rev. Kenneth Haugk Ph.D. in 1975,  is a Christian caregiving lay ministry that enhances pastoral care. Through this ministry, laypersons help pastors and their churches provide one-on-one care and support for members of congregations and communities who are experiencing difficulties such as illness, loss of a loved one, divorce, unemployment, substance abuse, loneliness or discouragement. The Congregational Church of New Canaan’s Stephen Ministry was established in 2006. We are one of 12,000+ churches worldwide that offer this type of care.

While our pastors, Chapin Gardner and Eric Dupee, will always be on the front line of pastoral care, especially during times of crisis, our Stephen Ministers are available to give supplemental care and support when needs arise.

Who are the Stephen Ministers at CCNC?

Jena Anthony Levora D’Acosta Linda Haney Martha Palmer
Beth Baker* Josie Davies Scott Heath Dorie Pease
Gail Banigan Hermine Davis Janis Hennessy Nancy Pullins
Christy Bonner Carolyn Escherich Dick Hyde Donna Reinman
Lyn Chivvis Molly Farnsworth Judy Hyde Tom Robey
Barb Clayton BJ Flagg Kathy Johnston Bob Spence
Jim Cole* Joellen Ford Stephanie Joyce Linda Spence
Susie Conron Shawn Gardner Joan Lister Pat Stewart
Michel Cornier Parry Grogan Gary Neuser Avril Sweeny*
Pamela Crum Twee Haffner Fatou Niang Paul Toldalagi
*Stephen Leader

How does one become a Stephen Minister? 

A prospective Stephen Minister must complete a 50 hour Stephen Ministry course led by Stephen Leaders. The training uses resources from pastoral counselors, Biblical scripture, theologians, and psychologists, and  is a wonderful way to become more involved in a church community.

Please contact a Stephen Leader or Debbie Chapman, Pastoral Care Coordinator to learn more about becoming a Stephen Minister.

Beth Baker: (203)554-4736
Avril Sweeny: (203)966-4597
Jim Cole: (203)934-9405
Debbie Chapman: (203)966-2651, x831

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