The Sacrament of Baptism in The Congregational Church of New Canaan requires the presence of the congregation and is reserved for members of our church. Our members firmly believe that the Sacrament of Baptism creates a covenant between the congregation and the baptized child. If the health of the child or other circumstances do not allow for baptism in front of the congregation, the ministers and Board of Deacons will consider exceptions to this policy.

Baptisms are typically performed on the last Sunday of each month, and up to three baptisms are allowed per service. If you would like a specific minister to perform the baptism, please indicate this when you call. Depending on the month, that minister may or may not be available.

Our ministers require one meeting with the child’s parents in order to prepare for the baptism. Please telephone the minister who is officiating to make an appointment for this important conversation.

No fees are charged for baptisms, but contributions may be made to the Church and given to children’s needs in our Church.

For more information or to schedule a baptism for your child, please contact the Church Office at (203)966-2651.

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