This past February, 160 YG Mission Fish traveled to Biloxi, Mississippi to continue the work of restoring or rebuilding homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Each of our 10 teams works on a different site and project, and this year Team G (“Gorilla Glue”) worked to rebuild a home for Nancy Tauzin as her home was completely destroyed by the hurricane.

We heard from Nancy via our church Facebook page that her home was to be dedicated this past Thursday, August 2.  Nancy wrote, “A group of young people volunteered to help rebuild my home lost to Katrina. They are wonderful group of young people and their parents should be very proud of them. Just want to say “Thank You” to the G team. God Bless you all!”

More information is available through a story posted by the local Biloxi new station, available here.

Congratulations to Miss Nancy!  We pray that you and your family will have many happy years in your new home.