September 24, 2020

Dear Church Family,

This Sunday, I hope you will join me, virtually or in person, to say “goodbye” to our beloved Minister of Christian Formation, Rev. Eric Dupee. Eric has been with us for the past four years, and he leaves us with a wonderful legacy of faithfulness, wisdom, and wit that will be dearly missed. When I first arrived on God’s Acre, realizing that we would need to hire an additional pastor to help serve our congregation, Eric was my first call. In seminary, we had tossed around the idea of being in ministry together, never really thinking that a Congregationalist and the Methodist would have the opportunity to serve together in New England. However, I posed the possibility to Eric “join me down here for two to three years,” and we have been blessed to have him with us for four!

As difficult as is for me, and for our congregation as a whole, to see our beloved brother and pastor leave God’s Acre, I cannot shake the profound sense of gratitude I have for the time we have had to serve together. These past four years have been some of the most enjoyable of my career because of Eric and all the good people who make up this great church. This is certainly a loss of us, but the past four years have been such a tremendous joy the only thing to do is to thank God for what has been and pray for God’s provision as we all venture into the future.

I would ask for your prayers for the days, weeks, and months ahead, as we continue to re-envision our life together on God’s Acre, and as Eric ventures into a new call in York, ME. This is a time of transition and adjustment, but it is also a time of extraordinary opportunity for our ministry.  So, for the provision and blessing of God now and always, on God’s Acre, in York, ME, and everywhere the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared, we pray. Will the people of God say, “Amen?”

Yours in Christ,