Work continues in the Meeting House and every day reveals a remarkable new detail in craftsmanship or, on occasion, a hidden treasure.  This morning, I was treated to both as I gazed up at the space previously occupied by our Meeting House cross.  The gold cross and background fabric has been removed for protection while the surrounding trim is being painted.  What has been revealed is hundreds of small to medium sized organ pipes ranging in diameter from less than ½” to well over 3”.  Some of these pipes are fabricated in tin and others in copper; each is a perfectly formed piece of art.

As soon as the fabric comes back from the dry cleaner, it will be reinstalled along with the cross; the little pipes within the wall will once again be hidden.  I feel very fortunate to have been at the church during this brief reveal and I know that Jody’s music will be even more moving for me, having seen the craftsmanship and artistry that went into the creation of our pipe organ.

Rob Mills, Chief Administrative Officer