Dear CCNC Members and Friends,

We are all shocked and deeply saddened by the terrible events that took place in Boston yesterday.

Our hearts ache for the families who lost loved ones in this senseless tragedy, and we are praying for God’s comfort for them.  We are also praying for all who were injured, and that God bless to them healing, courage and strength in the long days ahead of recovery.  We pray for peace of mind and spirit of all the first responders who were at or who came upon the devastation and for those who are now working on the investigation.  And we are praying for all of us, that we not lose heart at this latest attempt to terrorize our open way of life, or our trust that God is with the brokenhearted.  The Lord is our Shepherd even in these hard shadows.

If there is someone in your own circle of family or friends that has been directly hurt by what has happened, and you would like prayers for them, or to speak with a pastor, please call the church office at (203)966-2651.  You can also submit a prayer request directly to your prayer chain, by emailing

In hope and faith,

Your Pastors