The Book of Daniel

Adventure story, super hero with wisdom provided by God:  Daniel has it all.

Daniel is a youth who is kidnapped in Jerusalem and taken as a prisoner to Babylon, 650 to 700 miles from home.  His story traces his journey from kidnap victim to a man who “prospered during the reign of Darius…” (Daniel 6:28).  It is not a smooth road: he struggles to stay true to his faith; he must interpret the king’s dreams, accurately; he must resist the temptation to adopt the culture and practice of his captors and watch his friends thrown in a fiery furnace; and endure a plot and a stint in the lion’s den.

Daniel then has his own amazing dreams and visions and composes an epic prayer.  This engaging adventure has much for today’s student: a super-hero story which can also be accessed as a prediction of the arrival of Jesus.

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I. Who Was Daniel? Click Here
II. Daniel 1-2 Click Here
III. Daniel 3 and 6 Click Here
IV. Daniel 4-5 Click Here
V. The Apocalyptic Genre Click Here
VI. Daniel 7 Click Here
VII. Daniel 8-9 Click Here
VIII. Daniel 10-12 Click Here

Meet Our Professors for The Book of Daniel

Prof. Joel Baden, Professor of Hebrew Bible, is a specialist in the Pentateuch, Biblical Hebrew, and disability theory in biblical studies. He is the author of the numerous articles, essays, and books on individual pentateuchal texts, critical methodology, and Biblical Hebrew; future projects include commentaries on Deuteronomy and Exodus. He holds degrees in Judaic Studies (BA, Yale), Semitic Languages (MA, University of Chicago), and Hebrew Bible (PhD, Harvard).



John J. Collins, Holmes Professor of Old Testament Criticism and Interpretation, a native of Ireland, was a professor of Hebrew Bible at the University of Chicago from 1991 until his arrival at YDS in 2000. He previously taught at the University of Notre Dame. He has published widely on the subjects of apocalypticism, wisdom, Hellenistic Judaism, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. He has participated in the editing of the Dead Sea Scrolls and is general editor of the Yale Anchor Bible series. He holds degrees from University College Dublin (BA, MA, and an honorary D.Litt.) and Harvard University (PhD).