Each year, our church comes together to provide Thanksgiving dinners for almost 200 families. Truly a labor of love, this project involves even the youngest members of our congregation.

The majority of the funds for purchasing the food items is given by our children in the weekly offering collected at Church School.  This year’s goal is $1,000, and as of the end of October, they are nearly halfway there—so kids, make sure to keep filling your Turkey Banks!  Any additional funds needed are given by the Mission and Social Action Committee (MSA) as a part of the church’s annual missions support.

Each box contains cranberry sauce, green beans, yams, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, butter cookies, hot chocolate and marshmallows, and snack mix.  A turkey also goes along with each box! Some items such as corn and fruit cocktail are given to help supplement what other organizations are already doing.

After a lot of preparation, we’ll have a flurry of activity to put the project together during the week before Thanksgiving.  On November 21, the Guppies (third and fourth graders) will be decorating jars and then filling them with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows.  JYG (fifth and sixth graders) will put together a snack mix for each box.

Then on Sunday, November 24 at 2:00pm, Church families will gather to decorate the boxes in which the food gets packed, make a card, sort and fill the boxes, and wrap them in a bow.  MSYG (seventh and eight graders) bag the turkeys, sort the bulk canned goods, and will write prayers to attach to each box.  And finally, the YG Fish (high schoolers) with parent volunteers deliver the boxes and turkeys to the ten organizations that will distribute them to families in need.

This project is an incredible way for us to ensure that all of our neighbors are fully able to celebrate Thanksgiving, a chance for us to share God’s love, and to fulfill Christ’s command, “Feed my sheep.”  We hope your family will be able to join us for the Turkey Day project this year! To learn more, please contact anne@godsacre.org.