I am happy to report that the restoration work in the Meeting House is proceeding on schedule.  Last week, all of the old carpeting was taken up revealing what appears to be original pine and ash flooring secured with forged square nails.  Also revealed were the many repairs that have been made over the years.  Repairs which were most likely made in the early 1900’s are identified by pine flooring that presents a different graining from the original; these boards were secured with machine-made wire nails which were not used for construction until the early 20th century.  The most recent repairs are easily identified by the plywood and epoxy filler used in the process.

One of the first steps in the restoration process was to replace one hundred and thirty-three broken window mullions.  Since none of the contemporary suppliers could match the profile of the original mullions, a special cutting blade was made.  The match is perfect and now that the windows have been painted, it is virtually impossible to tell the modern replacement mullions from the originals.  Window slide channels have been stripped of old paint and waxed, and paint is now being applied to the interior surface of each window.  After this work has been completed, a new widow lifting and locking system will be installed to ensure that the new mullions and fresh paint will survive many years of service.

I venture into the Meeting House every day to see the progress that is being made.  Each day presents a new maneuvering challenge as ladders and scaffolds are moved and storage locations shift from one side to another.  Because the Meeting House is an active work site, the decision has been made to hold our 10:00am Sunday services in the Chapel for the time being.  However, if you are in the area and would like to see the work in progress, please stop by my office.  I would be glad to provide you with a guided tour.

I wish you Christ’s peace throughout the summer months.

Rob Mills, Chief Administrative Officer