Rooted in Our History; Growing to the Future

In 1731, 24 residents petitioned the colonial legislature to form Canaan Parish. Two years later, on June 20, 1733,  The Congregational Church of New Canaan was formed. The founding members entered into a covenant that came from early Puritan settlers. From that original covenant stems the covenant into which we enter today as members:

“We covenant with the Lord and with one another, and do bind ourselves in the presence of God to walk together in all His ways, according as He is pleased to reveal himself to us in His Blessed word of truth.”

In 1960, our church became affiliated with the United Church of Christ, the denomination which united the Congregational and the Evangelical and Reformed Churches into one body.

Today, the church is a growing family of members, grateful for our storied past and focused on strengthening our commitment to God and our community.

The Raymond Fund was established under the will of Deacon William E. Raymond in 1883 to employ an orthodox evangelical clergyman of the Congregational Church. Click here to view a copy of Deacon Raymond’s will and a history of The Raymond Fund.

Our Church Building

Our beautiful Meeting House is actually our third church building. The original Meeting House stood at the intersection of what is now Park Street and St. John’s Place. A larger Meeting House was built in our current location in 1752, but it was struck by lightning and destroyed by the resulting fire in 1840. The wooden pulpit survived the fire and is still used in the Meeting House today. The third Meeting House was built in 1843. The Chapel, Parlor, and Church School wing were dedicated in 1953.