Ministers & Staff

  • photo of The Rev. Dr. Stephen Chapin Garner

    The Rev. Dr. Stephen Chapin Garner

    Senior Minister

  • photo of The Rev. Eric M. Dupee

    The Rev. Eric M. Dupee

    Minister of Christian Formation

  • photo of Laurel Carr

    Laurel Carr

    Program Manager

  • photo of Debbie Chapman

    Debbie Chapman

    Pastoral Care Coordinator

  • photo of Dr. Jo Deen Blaine Davis

    Dr. Jo Deen Blaine Davis

    Director of Music Ministries

  • photo of Morgan Flagg

    Morgan Flagg

    Youth Director

  • photo of Mya Gill

    Mya Gill

    Director of Children’s Music and Drama

  • photo of Anthony Jones

    Anthony Jones


  • photo of Marianna Kilbride

    Marianna Kilbride

    Director of Missions and Outreach Ministries

  • photo of Caroline Leather

    Caroline Leather

    Director of Children's Formation

  • photo of Kelly Leather

    Kelly Leather

    Senior Youth Director

  • photo of Marie-Ange Masters

    Marie-Ange Masters

    Director of Accounting & Purchasing

  • photo of Kelly Morrissey

    Kelly Morrissey

    Chief Administrative Officer

  • photo of Beth Picard

    Beth Picard

    Administrative Assistant

  • photo of Debbie Raymond

    Debbie Raymond

    Children’s Formation Coordinator

  • photo of Avril Sweeny

    Avril Sweeny

    Director of Pastoral Care