Mission Sponsor 2020

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Become a mission sponsor this year!

We are sending 90 mission fish, advisors, and staff to Sacramento, California, this February to partner with Sierra Service Project. Every donation helps make the trip possible.

Youth will be working to repair the homes of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in need in neighborhoods in North Sacramento and Rancho Cordova. The areas we will work within were once thriving and now have shifted over time. North Sacramento was once a prosperous community with residents employed at nearby military bases or in the agricultural industry. Today North Sacramento is considered a “food desert.” Food deserts are defined as geographic areas where there is inadequate access to affordable, healthy food options (especially fresh fruits and vegetables). Accessibility is restricted or nonexistent due to the lack of grocery stores within convenient traveling distance. Those we will serve include a recently widowed veteran who served in the Air Force and a single mother who has escaped domestic violence.

Please consider supporting our mission. These trips provide our youth with an opportunity to be an agent of change in our world. We count on your support.

When you donate at any level and become a Mission Sponsor, you will receive two letters from our YG Fish while on their trip as well as thanked and lifted up at our Mission Sponsor Brunch on Sunday, March 8.

To become a mission sponsor, CLICK HERE, and select the designation “YG Mission Sponsor.”