Mission Sponsor 2019

This year, 80 of our YG fish will embark on a truly life-changing pilgrimage to Mobile, Alabama to work with our partner, the Raise the Roof Project, to serve those brothers and sisters living in substandard housing.

Alabama is the sixth poorest state in the U.S. and over 800,000 people live below the federal poverty line. People often live with failed roofs, lack of functioning indoor plumbing, and collapsing floors Raise the Roof is committed to helping those in need in the South Broad Street community in Mobile to insure that their homes are warm, safe and dry. Their mission can only be accomplished with the help of volunteer groups like YG. And we can’t do it without sponsors like you!

The work that will be done together will be life-changing for South Broad Street community and for the YG members, and we invite you join in this effort by making a Mission Sponsor contribution using the envelope included in this bulletin. Please prayerfully consider making a donation to support the outreach efforts of our youth. Mission Sponsors receive handwritten letters sent from the mission fish on-site, describing their day-to-day experiences. Sponsors are also invited to meet and celebrate with the mission fish at the Mission Sponsor Brunch on Youth Sunday, March 10.

Finally, to stay updated on our trip progress and maybe catch a photo of your favorite YGer, follow us on Facebook by clicking here (you don’t need to have a Facebook account to check the page!). We try to get photos of all of the kids but our main focus is keeping everyone safe and happy so we can’t guarantee that everyone will be featured. Photos will be on our website, www.godsacre.org/youth, after the trip.

To become a mission sponsor, CLICK HERE, and select the designation “Mission Sponsor.”