It’s difficult to imagine New Canaan as it was in 1733 — a remote parish surrounded by dirt roads, vast farmlands and only one church; our church, set high atop God’s Acre. Back then, parishioners were called by the ringing of the church bell, important announcements were made from the pulpit, and information was passed from one person to another through conversation. Now Smartphones awaken us, Google informs us, and Skype connects us to friends around the world.

Needless to say, much has changed in the past 279 years but one thing remains constant; our vision. Throughout the past three centuries Christians have gathered on God’s Acre as a community moved by God’s gracious gift of flourishing life, to share transforming spiritual, educational, and service experiences. The distractions to our mission have grown geometrically since the early days, but so have the opportunities. The revamping of our church website represents one of those opportunities; it’s an opportunity to communicate with you in a different way, to reach out to the community in a different way, and to showcase the many examples of how we continue to live out our vision here on God’s Acre.

The new governance structure that our congregation approved last October presents many opportunities for involvement and personal growth. It also demands a high level of communication between staff members, Mission Teams, and the congregation. To keep you informed, we will continue to use all of our current communication media, including our newsletter, weekly email blasts, special email notices, letters, fliers, etc. All of these efforts at keeping you informed will be enhanced by our new website and by this blog.

Come back to Our Blog regularly for insights, concerns, and celebrations posted by your Ministers, Deacons, Trustees, and program staff. We will post a new message each month. Even more frequent communication is our long term goal. Please visit next month for an update on our Mission Teams’ learning and successes to date.

With you on the journey,