We have been following along daily with the book, Pauses for Lent: 40 Words for 40 Days by Trevor Hudson. We will post daily and you can stay up to date from home.


Saturday, April 34th


“Yet not as I will, but as you will.”
Matthew 26:39, NIV


One of the most special gifts given to us is our will. Each of us is relatively free to make different choices, to cause things to happen that otherwise would not occur, and to act for good or for evil. This is how critical our will is.

God also has a will for our lives. The heart of our journeys as Christ-followers lies in learning how to surrender our wills to God’s will. Jesus models this surrender in the verse above, and this is what Jesus invites us to do as well. In his earthly life, Jesus shows us what single-minded and wholehearted abandonment to the will of God looks like.

Surrendering our will to God does not mean that we then have no will of our own. Nor does surrender equate to resignation or passivity. Rather it means that our deepest desire is to discern, follow, and act upon what God wants for our lives. Learning how to do this is a lifelong adventure.


Daily Practice

As an expression of your desire to choose God’s will for your life, sit quietly in God’s presence, clench your fists tightly, and then open them slowly to the Lord.

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