Over the weekend of January 25-26, we will come together with Pivot Ministries for two different events, each of which will highlight strengths of both of our organizations.

The Congregational Church of New Canaan and Pivot Ministries have long been partners. We were a founding church in Pivot Ministries in 1970 when it was formed to address the problem of drug and alcohol abuse among young men in Norwalk using a Gospel-based program. The partnership has seen Pivot grow from one small house in Norwalk to a campus in Bridgeport that includes a program entry-level home; a re-entry home, for those further along in the program; a greenhouse which provides both work opportunities for the men (Pivot now provides landscaping services for the church), and a service program for special needs children. In addition, a new venture will house both living quarters and a program to facilitate job training and placement for men whose past may be an impediment to the very employment that is key to their maintaining sobriety.

On Saturday, January 25 a Missions and Outreach team will travel to Bridgeport to renovate the program entry-level rooms. The goal is to provide a welcoming space for those making courageous first steps toward sobriety. Congregants will meet in the church circle at 9:00 a.m. to carpool to Bridgeport.

A vital part of Pivot Ministries is the choir. Formed spontaneously at the memorial service of a beloved board member, it has been going strong since 2004. The men’s choir is currently directed by Joseph Bonaparte, and has 40 singers. Our Director of Music Ministries, Dr. Jo Deen Blaine Davis, has instituted regular occasions for the Pivot Choir to participate in services. This Sunday, January 26 the Pivot Choir will be in residence at both the 9:30 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. services. This is always a seasonal highlight for the congregation.

Marianna Kilbride, the Director of Missions and Outreach, partners with Jody whenever possible as they have found that the powerful components of mission and music enhance each other to meaningfully support the church’s goal of transformation within the congregation and in the world.

In addition to this coming weekend, plans are in the works for ongoing work days at Pivot Ministries this spring. To learn more about Pivot Ministries, please visit pivotministries.org.